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Flu Vaccine in Essex: Protecting Our Community’s Health

Take a responsible and proactive step in safeguarding your health and the health of others around you. Get your Flu Vaccine in Essex today!

Read more |Thu, July 2023

Your Trusted Private Walk-in Clinic in Chelmsford: Colecross Pharmacy

Colecross Pharmacy stands as a trusted and reliable private walk-in clinic in Chelmsford, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of the local community.

Read more |Fri, May 2023

Earwax Removal in Essex: A Visit to Colecross Pharmacy in Chelmsford

Looking for expert earwax removal in Essex and struggling to get an appointment with your GP? Colecross Pharmacy can help you!

Read more |Fri, May 2023

Skin Clinic in Chelmsford – Treating all types of Skin Conditions

We can treat skin infections from eczema and dermatitis, to dry skin and acne. Come and have a chat with our friendly, professional pharmacist and get the treatment you need.

Read more |Sun, April 2023

Looking for a Private GP in Chelmsford? Visit us first

We're Chelmsford's first port of call when it comes to healthcare. We're an alternative to a Private GP since our pharmacists can prescribe a range of prescription-only medicine quickly and affordably.

Read more |Sun, April 2023

Sore Throat Test and Treat: Effective Solutions for Throat Pain

In this article, you'll learn more about the causes and symptoms of sore throats, and what you can do to treat them effectively.

Read more |Sat, April 2023

Why Colecross is the best place place to have your ear wax removed

We explore the differences between Specsavers Ear Wax Removal Services, Boots and Colecross Pharmacy, and why you should book with us.

Read more |Tue, March 2023

Our Guide to a Healthier Bladder

Don't let urinary tract infections sabotage your health. Discover how to manage and prevent urinary tract infections, including expert advice from healthcare professionals in Chelmsford.

Read more |Fri, March 2023

Colecross Pharmacy: Your Expert Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Guide

Ear wax buildup causing discomfort? Learn about safe ear wax removal methods and professional services in Chelmsford. Discover how to alleviate symptoms and improve ear health.

Read more |Fri, March 2023

How to Spot a Chest Infection and Ease your Symptoms

A chest infection is an infection that attacks the lungs or large airways. Some chest infections are not that serious and don’t require any medication to clear up. Nevertheless, there are severe cases that can be life-threatening.

Read more |Wed, January 2022