When it comes to your health and medications, our Pharmacy has got you covered. Our responsible staff works hard to make sure each patient is taken care of with fast and friendly service and reliable healthcare advice. Come to Colecross pharmacy and start getting the personalised attention you deserve.

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Pharmacy first – free NHS service being offered by pharmacy to patients eliminating the need to see your GP.

• No long waiting times
• No appointment needed
• Get your diagnosis and prescription under one roof

Learn more about the service and see how Colecross Pharmacy can help you.

Private Walk-in Clinic

For other treatments such as chest infections and ear infections in adults, we offer a private clinic service.
Consultation £15.00 plus the cost of medication.

Our Services

Private Walk-in Clinic

Come in at your own convenience and have a face to face consultation for minor ailments in our Walk-in Clinic in Chelmsford.

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Ear Wax Removal Service

Is built up ear wax making it difficult to hear or does it cause you infections? We provide ear wax removal in Chelmsford that helps remove the ear wax built up in your ears.

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Pharmacy First

No more waiting for a GP appointment – we offer free on-the-day consultation for 7 common conditions, ensuring you receive prompt care tailored to your needs.
Feel free to walk in or book your appointment with the link below.

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