Why you Need to Book your Winter Flu Vaccination

Why you Need to Book your Winter Flu Vaccination

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With winter incoming, it is now time to book your flu vaccine in Chelmsford, Essex. The flu vaccine offers the best protection for not only yourself, but also those around you. It is especially essential this year, in order to lessen the Covid-related pressure on the NHS.

Why is the flu vaccine more vital than ever this winter?

As a result of the pandemic, it is incredibly likely that there will be higher levels of strain upon hospitals in the colder months. This means that the more people who are vaccinated, the less pressure from a combination of Covid and seasonal flu on the NHS. It is important that your vaccinations for both diseases are up-to-date for the best possible protection.

How does the flu vaccine work?

The flu vaccine is tailored to protect against the more common flu viruses in circulation. If you do still catch flu following your jab, it will likely last less time, and be a milder case, than if you are unvaccinated. We would recommend booking your flu jab in Autumn to make sure you don’t get caught out; this is because it can take 10-14 days to develop immunity.

flu vaccine chelmsford essex

Do I need to get the vaccine?

While flu can present with mild symptoms, much like the common cold, symptoms can also be severe. In some cases, flu can even lead to serious health issues, such as pneumonia, sinusitis and sepsis. Therefore, we would recommend that you get a flu jab this season, especially if you are already at risk of experiencing serious Covid-related complications.

Are you suffering from illnesses such as the common cold this season?

You can find out more about our Private walk-in clinic for all of your minor illness needs here:

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Am I eligible for the free flu vaccine in Chelmsford, Essex?

If you meet the criteria outlined by the NHS, then you are eligible for a free flu vaccine. This criteria includes if you are:

– Aged over 50 years old

– Are pregnant

– Have neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis

– Are in long-stay residential care

– Have certain health conditions, such as sickle cell diseases, HIV/ AIDS, diabetes, asthma and heart conditions

– Are a frontline social care or health worker

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Where can I get my seasonal flu vaccine in Chelmsford, Essex?

If you are looking to protect yourself in advance for the winter, we offer both the free NHS and Private flu vaccine in Chelmsford, Essex for your peace of mind.

Our Private flu jab costs £15; both jabs will be available to book from the 25th of September. If you are looking to book your appointment in advance, we would recommend contacting us or visiting us in-store. We can offer a walk-in service to fit around your busy schedule, at a time to suit you.

You can find out more information on our flu vaccine service page:

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As winter draws nearer, why wait to protect yourself?

Contact or visit us to get your jab this season!

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This blog post was written on behalf of Colecross Pharmacy by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.