Our Safe, Painless Earwax Removal Service

Our Safe, Painless Earwax Removal Service

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Are you in need of earwax removal in Chelmsford, Essex?


If you are suffering from an excessive earwax build up – don’t suffer in silence! Looking after your hearing is extremely important. That’s why we offer Private earwax removal in Chelmsford, Essex to meet your individual needs.


What causes excessive earwax build-up?


Excessive earwax can occur due to a number of factors, including:


– Being naturally predisposed to have a higher quantity of earwax

– Ageing, as your wax will harden and find it more difficult to fall out as you age

– Having hairy or narrow ear canals

– Using hearing aids or earplugs, as well as any other objects inserted into the ear. This is because they can push the wax further inside the ear.


What are the symptoms of an excessive wax build-up?


Having too much earwax can manifest in a variety of different ways. These include:


– Dizziness

– Tinnitus

– Trouble hearing

– Earache

– An ear infection


Further guidance with regards to symptoms can be found on the NHS website.



ear wax removal chelmsford essex



What should I do if I have excessive quantities of earwax?


Ordinarily, earwax falls out of its own volition, and so does not require intervention. However, when a blockage occurs, there are some methods that may alleviate your discomfort.


Should I use cotton buds?


It is important to note that you should never attempt to remove earwax with your fingers, or any objects such as cotton buds. This will actually serve to achieve the opposite of your desired outcome, as it will push any wax further in. Additionally, NICE guidelines state that this can also damage your eardrum and ear canal, as well as potentially perforating your tympanic membrane.

If you feel that you may have an ear infection, you should visit your local Pharmacy, or GP, instead of trying at-home ear wax removal remedies.






Let us help you with earwax removal in Chelmsford, Essex


If you are struggling with any of the aforementioned symptoms, Colecross Pharmacy is here to help. We offer safe, painless ear microsuction to help get you feeling like yourself again.


What is ear microsuction?


Ear microsuction involves the insertion of a low-pressure suction probe into your ear. It represents the safest, most painless and efficient method of earwax removal.


Your ear health appointment


PRICE: £50 – for both ears

£30 for one ear


Firstly, our highly-trained clinician will remove some of the wax. Following this, tests will be conducted in order to discern any possible hearing issues. In the event that any issues are identified, you will be referred for further treatment; ear infections can be treated within the Pharmacy. However, your discomfort is ordinarily caused by an excessive build up of ear wax. After your initial diagnosis, we will then remove the excess earwax.

Further details regarding our earwax removal service can be found here.


You can also contact us for more information; our dedicated Pharmacy team is always happy to help.



ear wax removal chelmsford essex



Don’t let excess earwax get in the way of you enjoying conversations, music, television and other aspects of everyday life –

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This blog post was written on behalf of Colecross Pharmacy by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.