Spotting Your Ear Infection Symptoms & How To Treat Them

Spotting Your Ear Infection Symptoms & How To Treat Them


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Why do I need earwax removal near me in Chelmsford Essex?

Sometimes referred to as acute otitis media, an ear infection is an infection that attacks the middle ear, the space in the back of the eardrum that consists of the ear’s tiny vibrating bones; children are more susceptible to ear infections than adults. You may be wondering: “why do I need to find earwax removal near me in Chelmsford, Essex?” and “what’s the difference in treatment between an ear infection and a build-up of wax?” Keep reading to find out how to spot an ear infection, as well as where you can get safe, painless microsuction to get back to feeling like yourself again.

Treating ear infections normally begins with monitoring the issue and managing pain. This is because the infections usually disappear on their own. In other cases, antibiotics may be used to get rid of the infection.

Symptoms of an ear infection

The symptoms of an ear infection usually start rapidly.


For children the symptoms include:

– Ear pain, mostly when lying down
– Loss of appetite
– Pulling or tugging at an ear
– Fussiness
– Balance loss
– Sleeping difficulties
– Crying unusually
– Headache
– Poor response to sounds or hearing
– Fluid drainage from the ear
– High fever – 100 F (38 C) or higher


Common symptoms in adults involve:

– Ear pain
– Trouble hearing
– Fluid drainage from the ear

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Causes of an ear infection

Ear infections in Essex typically occur due to a virus or bacterium in the middle ear. The infection is often a result of an illness such as flu, a cold, or an allergy that causes swelling and congestion of the throat, eustachian tubes, and nasal passages.

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What is ear microsuction?

On the other hand, ear microsuction is a technique used in earwax removal. This is done in the event that your symptoms are caused by a build-up of earwax. Before your pharmacist starts the earwax removal procedure, they will check your ear canal with a microscope to look for the blockage.

They may also use an endoscope, a tiny camera fixed with a light to view the canal.

During microsuction, your pharmacist uses a tiny vacuum to softly provide suction to dislodge and get rid of the wax.

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How does the microsuction procedure work?

Prior to undergoing a microsuction procedure, our pharmacist will ask you a few questions for information regarding your ear condition, symptoms, and some history. You will also need to indicate your current allergies and medications.

Microsuction is always a good option for many people when it comes to earwax removal. However, there are a few exceptions.

After recording your medical history, the pharmacist will check your ear with the help of an endoscope or a microscope. The real procedure lasts only a few minutes.

It’s normal to hear some squeaking or crackling as well as feel some suction in your ear during the microsuction procedure.

Earwax removal in Chelmsford, Essex

What are the benefits of getting earwax removal near me in Chelmsford, Essex?

Microsuction is highly effective in terms of removing wax. The procedure offers a number of benefits when it’s compared to irrigation. The benefits include:

– A quick procedure that lasts for a few minutes
– The pharmacist performing the procedure can see the inside of your ear clearly
– Your ear canal doesn’t get exposed to moisture

Why should I choose earwax removal near me in Chelmsford, Essex?

As opposed to irrigation, microsuction can most of the time be done on those who have:

– Ear surgery history
– A ruptured eardrum
– Foreign matter inside the ear
– Outer ear infection (mild otitis externa)

If done the right way, microsuction is normally painless. Some people may feel a slightly tickling sensation. Consult with your pharmacist if any issues arise.

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